The Best Way to Care for a Static Caravan

If you have a static caravan and you want to take it to a holiday park to get charged then one thing you need to consider is how to properly maintain your caravan. To start with, any static caravan will need to be cleaned at a holiday park. So the best way to start is to make a list of things that you will need to take care of when cleaning your caravan. Not all holiday parks provide the facilities and cleaning services that you require. It is worth noting the caravan’s model, brand and year. You should therefore be able to choose the holiday park you need to visit.

Maintenance of a Static Caravan

There are a number of maintenance tasks that need to be carried out when taking the caravan to a holiday park. The first thing that you need to think about is that you won’t be able to keep your caravan sparkling and well maintained like your own house. Between the months of March and October the elements can get by with damage to the caravan as a result of either condensation or flooding due to excessive rainfall. Whilst your own house is pretty protected, a static caravan is not as good as it can be as it is more exposed to the elements.

You will need to carry out regular servicing of your caravan whilst it is parked at the holiday park. If it has been in your family for sometime then it is worth bothering to have it looked over professionally. The caravan is a large investment and it would be wise to realise its worth.

Taking it to holiday

When you are taking the caravan out for a holiday, you will notice that it tends to be heavier when compared with when it is being towed. This is due to the fact that it will need to be towed rather than being supported through the use of angle grilles and sideboards. As you are travelling down the road you will want to try to park the caravan in a position where you can either store it or have it on auto-pilot.

After you have parked the caravan, make sure that youATCH IT ON THE CARAVAN SAVE terminal. Then, open and close the caravan door and alike until you are happy that it is fully closed and locked.

Do not store the caravan when it is closed and locked. Instead, leave it for the holiday and return it after you are off on your holiday. Loosen the keys by sliding them slowly and carefully open and close a few times. Then, open and close again until you are sure that the caravan is shut and locked correctly.

If you find that the caravan is not securely fastened then you can choose to call a tow-bar man to secure it. Another option is to try to hire a caravan to carry it. If you do not want to bother with putting the caravan into a caravan or parking it then you may see the van disappear on your drive. You can hire caravans from caravan dealers and mobile home stores.

The starting price of a static caravan is approx. £60000 for a new model and vans equipped with metal frames. You should check the internet for the best offers available. Buyers guarantees and hassle-free sales. Caravan sales professionals will be able to service your van, parts-if problems occur, you will get them done at a 7 days to 30 days notice.

It is your decision on how you want to handle the purchase of a static caravan. Once you have decided on the style and size of your ideal caravan, it is time to choose the model. It is recommended that you buy a second hand caravan after you have experience of using it. If you are thinking of buying a second hand caravan privately I would recommend that you visit a caravan dealer as they have access to many caravan owners who have one and can thus offer you a good price.

TIP: static caravans also tow doubles as they have upper and lower Caravan tracks.

When it comes to caravan tracks, it is vital to check the strength of the support poles on pull through (pull through plus same sex partners) Caravan pulls apart easily (even genders) if you bump it around.

Check the dinettes – do they come with patterns on them (all meals together) and Free standing?

Check the bathtubs for leaks.

Be certain that the fridge does not freeze.

Be certain the caravan is working well.

Know how to charge your caravan.

How to tow a caravan parks to your camping site.

To be on safe side, invest in a caravan insurance plan

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