Tent Camping in Texas

There are certain places where you can camp at almost any time of the year. On the other hand, there are places where weather can either be warm or cold, rainy or dry, chilly or to simply beautiful. Texas has some very diverse terrain, with mountains, rivers,fields, prairies, and a huge expanse of what’s basically wilderness. To find your perfect place to go camping, you’ll have to decide what season you plan to go.

In Texas you can camp almost any time of the year. Since winter is usually very short, summers are the optimal time to go. Of course, if you’re not into winter, then do try to stay away from the Mosquitoes! Having said that, even during the summer in the southern states of Texas and Oklahoma you can still get wet, so a tent and a good rain fly are a good idea. If you’re camping in areas of limited rainfall, a cot or even a trailer is a good idea.

You’ll find bears and other wild animals in some of the most beautiful parts of wilderness in Texas. They are usually too preoccupied keeping themselves safe from the human kind to bother with camping. The best prevention of wild animals is to simply avoid them. They are not always easy to recognize, but there are plenty of signs that you should pay particular attention to.

It is very easy to get lost in the wilderness. Never camp or hike with coffee and coffee pots. If you have such a thing as guest coffee makers, don’t use them. There are so many gadgets that are connected to the Internet these days, that you can have full wireless internet on your camping trip. If you need to use a laptop, bring a power cord and a small, portable satellite dish. That way, you can always stay connected to the world and don’t have to worry about having your electronics go out with the wind.

In addition to full wireless internet, you can get cordless showers and toilets as well as shampoos and washes. If you want to be even more luxurious than you are at home, bring a portable mattress and air conditioning. The great thing about a camping trip is that you can make it as cheap as you want it to be, but you can also make it more luxurious with the right supplies. If you stay at a campground, the amenities will probably be very basic compared to your own home. However, the good thing is that you can usually find a campground with all the amenities you need, so you can always make it a luxurious experience. Your food will still be cooked over a fire even if there is no electricity to charge your laptop or your cell phone.

Essentially, this is just a primitive form of camping without all the modern conveniences. You still have the traditional campfire, but now you have LEDs. These LEDs can last for years if they are properly looked after. Similarly, your coolers and tents will be kept a simple yet elegant design. You can find them both as samples in various stores and on line.

So this is not the camping version of glamping, where you sleep in a teepee and surround yourself with blankets and candles. This is literally camping in your own backyard all the way. However, I don’t think that there is any kind of generator that camping cannot benefit from. The good thing is that you nowadays have so many different models and types of generators that you can have the best of both worlds. You still have your traditional campfire, but also electrical lanterns, recessed lights, hot water systems and electric blankets.

If you are someone who wonders how traditional campfires work, here are some things that should set your mind to go consider:

  1. Kindling is the actual fire that you are going to use to cook your food on.
  2. Clear spanner is a special tool that you use to split the larger bits of wood so that you can get to the tinder.
  3. Firewood is the actual fire that will keep your kitchen area warm.
  4. Starting a fire with a lighter is not the same as starting a fire with a lighter that has been sitting in the pack for days.
  5. Water is going to have to be brought to your camping location whether you plan on staying a little longer or you plan on leaving sooner.
  6. You cannot bring too many foods to your camping location, because if you do, you will not be able to enjoy yourself during your camping trip.
  7. Unless you are family camping with each other, do not try to cook too many foods. Try to stick to the types of foods that you are pretty comfortable with. The only thing that you might want to bring is a bunch of socks so that you each have a comfortable blanket to sleep on.
  8. You do not want to be wearing too many clothes to the location.