San Francisco Bay Area Hiking – Backpacking Day Trips

The San Francisco Bay area is dear and lovely, a little rustic but with amazing beauty. The area offers a tremendous variety of things to see and do and some great day trip get away ideas.

One of the attractions that stand out the most in this area is the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. This area has been a hot political topic in the past because of the potential impact it has had on the environment. But now it is well preserved and maintained and made available for everyone to enjoy.

You can take a nice guided hike through the park and be up-close with some of the biggest cacti and wildlife that could be found anywhere in the world. The trails are still quite rocky so you might want to consider a mountain bike or 4 wheeler to negotiate the terrain.

Another attraction you cannot afford to miss is Alcatraz Island. This place has been a symbol of historical wrong in the eyes of history but is a great visit for what it offers. There are still limiting cases where people get a hold of infamous convicts. Although the island is public it is a protected marine area.

You can almost experience what it must have been like here in the past as the pilgrim trails are still active today. Anyone Beware! – there are still sharks roaming the waters.

Not only that you can also see one of the biggest condors anywhere. There are also over 200 species of birds here that range from the small Heron andWire Woodpecker to the big Oregon Tick. Many of the species are very rare making it a very unique place to go.

The island itself is rather small making it a great place for a day trip. But there is a lot to see, including breathtaking views of the bay and the trips to the crane site.

Stinson Beach is another spot worth visiting for it is a barrier island with a beach on it. It is quite perfect with or without sand in the sand. There are also nice facilities on Stinson Beach.

Caladesi Island is a unique island off the coast of Southern California. It is a wildlife refuge and a mine-field of some of the most exquisitely modified plants and flowers that America has to offer. Including the wild plants that thrive here.

There is a real divided in the birding world. Birds that are found in the north are not found south of the border. That fact gets confusing on some bird identification sites.

Back to the safari alone. Would you rather eat or would you rather watch a lizard eat? Both are found on the island. To study pair bonding in action would be a fascinating thing to do. The lizard eaters will also get some nibbles at the end of their sessions.

There is crocodile park and a…. well, you know. There is a reason there that the Zoo is known around the world. Those vicious ambush predators really enjoy the baboon meat. Yes, that is right.

Island Mauritius is a wonderful place to visit, both for sightseeing and for the B&B. There are 32 rooms in all at various roomsakes of the hotel. The Accommodation is in the nature reserve. It is a beautiful luxury reason to come to this place.

Obviously, given the magnitude of attractions, there are many different ways to travel to the island. People can see the attractions in the island through its capital – Jeremi. But then, the most important and educational activity on the island – what the island is calling a visit – is a cruise through the southern dessert. It is simply awe-inspiring. The sheer size of the island is so immense and the diversity of the landscape is amazing and must be seen to be appreciated.

It is just a fantastic experience to be in the island senses. As the huge island is explored, there are awe-inspiring sights everywhere. It is a paradise of diversity in one of the world’s most beautiful places. No wonder it is the Cannes of Africa. It is a far cry from the reality of Mauritius. This sensationalism is somewhat out of the ordinary, yet the island brings in enough glamour to obscure the fact that it is a typical African destination.

C Cannes is a French Riviera made up of 5 beautiful islands. This popular beach is linked to the mainland at Cane Bay and has all the attractions to keep tourists busy for a long time. There are a lot of activities to do in this convenient beach resort. One can go swimming, snorkeling, diving, or relax on the sand.

There is a lot of wildlife to see in the surrounding marine park. With the African Marine Turtles, there are plenty of unusual sights to see. It is certainly a better idea to book a scuba vacation package in Cancun, Mexico. This way one can enjoy the underwater world of the Galapagos Islands.