Outdoor Needs to Make a Come Back

There is no coming back from a vacation like your very first one. No matter how hard you try and come back, or how long you try and come back, for some it takes considerably less time to decide to return to the vacation spot than it does to decide to leave.

I believe every person has had the experience of going on a vacation and finding activities in the middle of the vacation spot or starting a vacation plan, only to have their plans either ruined by weather or other unexpected occurrences.

People usually end up not wanting to go on a vacation trip again. They find that their vacation spot has become “the place” they never want to go to again.

I can understand this. I’ve been on many vacations in my life and have found them to be completely divergent in their appeals. I can remember a vacation spot in Canada named Eurocamp that had a Euro branded hot dog stand. The people who worked at the campground were doing nothing but maintaining the grounds that were in complete disarray at the moment. Their plan was to eventually develop a Burgandy area that would incorporate these Canadian landmarks. It was before I was born, but it still ranks among the most memorable places I know.


My favorite vacation spot goes without saying: The Bahamas. Forgetting that I have thoroughly enjoyed every vacation I have ever been on, I often times think about the wonderful stretch of beach I consumed between flights to the Bahamas. The sun was out the whole time I was there. There were perfect white beaches all around and we could do basically anything we wanted. We could rent a house and have a pretty nice life. But after a long day of tour buses and endless paparazzi, the real heaven was awaits.

My second favorite vacation spot remains the one I am currently situated. Nestled several hundred miles from theermanicentials, I simply adore this area of the United States. I spend most of my vacations riding my bike through the rolling hills and discovering new route. If I end up biking all the way to theerto fantacruz, I get to exit and spend the night in a supposedly affordable beach resort like landowners. I always drop in to one of the smaller resorts there after a long day of cycling. They have access to beaches, golf courses and restaurants, which is of course for free.

When it comes to family vacations I still prefer the year-round fishing and boating. Why not explore this beautiful coastline and see what it has to offer. My family had never gone fishing before and I was curious to see what my family could do in a different environment.

Means of transportation

The internet is a wonderful place to look for these things. With the new highways being built throughout the United States, being able to see convenient and natural looking places is something I certainly would not have found before.


I love to go boating. But I especially like to go to the Frio River. Some people think the river is man-made. They are wrong! The river was formed by glaciers during the ice ages and it contains limestone, which was quarried in the 1800s. When you see the river it is hard to believe that it was originally lined with glaciers.

But finding the right boat for the occasion is something else. Safety first. Having a boat that is classified as a fishing boat makes you able to target smaller fish and catch up larger fish while not having to walk out to the middle of nowhere.

I have heard many fishermen talk about running into Pro fish. I believe 95% of the time they areior or bass. The issue is how to fish Pro fish.

For example if you see a red hook, it is too slow. You can’t outrun an electric bass. Often you can’t even have a fighting chance. I have fought off enough fish with a minnow.

Taking a boat that is too small makes little difference. But when you are fishing with a family this is something else. When you are all bunched up on one boat this is a bit different. The boat needs to be small enough so that you can stretch out comfortably. But it also needs to be big enough to carry all the family’s belongings.

If the boat is too small the contents can get mixed up. The boat is too big and takes up too much space. But then again you do not want to bring a canoe or kayak do you?

Matching your spirit

I went on a vacation to Alaska in the winter. It was beautiful. Yet you could not escape the cold. When you are in a native’s house RV clothes become important. So do boots. But why not bring a special blanket that matched the duffle bag. Make sure you have enough room in the canoe.