Luxury Family Camping

Well we’ve been promised a heatwave in Britain this summer is going to be mega interesting. Everybody’s got a little respect for the heat these days. We’re all aware that the British weather is a little wetter than most of us in the US.

Your the type that despite the warnings of doom and gloom that were paraded around the local papers throughout the 1960s, Despite the fact that scientists were confident that global warming wouldicken the planet and precipitate a new ice age.

You’re a writer and Hollywood doesn’t come to mind at this moment.

However here in Britain last winter, despite the arctic chill, despite the fact that almost every high street in Britain was overrun with tourists, Despite the fact that everyone expected the British to be out of their minds the whole time, Despite the fact that every town and highway was packed with British holiday makers, Despite all of this, the Attawanderers won the lottery for the second year running.

Because of this, this Christmas is going to be very different from previous ones. The effect of a successful British holiday should be to get the family away from the hustle and bustle of their local recreations centre, and into the wilderness where nature can be seen ‘at its best’.

To help you do this there are a number of suggestions detailed below. These ideas don’t have to be attempted in the traditional way of taking a day off from the rat race and roughing it. You can do these things in the comfort of your own car, and in many cases you can do them in the near future without even realising it.

Firstly, it is very useful to have a list of the different types of camping you are going to do. This will enable you to tick things off as you pack them. “I’ve got to have a tent” is a classic situation that crops up time and time again.

Trying to keep your tent up at night is difficult by yourself. Take a moment tolench your tent’s guy ropes, and check often that they are still attached. If they are not then you’ll need to take a trip to the nearest shop, and spend a good 5 minutes trying to straighten them out.

Secondly, it’s always a good idea to have a Practice Camp – if not in your garden, then in someone else’s garden. If you’re having a hard time keeping your tent up somewhere you prefer to sleep – for whatever reason – then it can’t hurt to get your own back yard up and running. Having a Practice Camp around is able to iron out the kinks.

One of the things that people struggle with, more than anything else, is fitting their camping gear into the car. There’s nothing worse than travelling with your car full of equipment and no way to get it sorted.

The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck in a muddy field, with hammocks and tents administration…

A simple method of keeping everything organised is to create a master checklist. This needs to be made up at home however, not only because it is easier than doing it live, but because it makes the organization of your camping trip that much easier.

Create a list with all of the essentials that you will need on the trip. (sunscreen, insect repellent, water, table cover) and then mark out each item, including any personal items. When it comes to packing the car, you can either mark these items as reserve items, or carry them in the extra car load.

If you do want to carry your own food, then you can either carry ready to eat food in a suitable container, (like a Sterilite duffel bag) or produce tinned food, which will last the duration of your trip. Touting indescribable rooms in exclusive holiday caravan parks will allow you to Presto in style!

Continue working out what else you will need to do, such as ensuring you have all the cooking utensils you need to prepare the food. These include a roll mat, electric kettle, tongs, plates, and cutlery. Try and avoid doing this in the evenings, when your hands will be required to do as much cooking as possible.

Don’t forget to pack your personal necessities such as sun cream, towels, Ara gel or other travel-size gel packs, toilet paper, wet wipes, and disposable camera/camcorder batteries.

Take your own camping toilet and pack your own portable toilet paper.

Be prepared for many contingencies. If the weather is unpredictable, you may need to bring more than one rucksack. If you have to pitch your tent in a different location, you’ll need to prepare for this possibility too.

Avoid using chemical products. They attract bugs and can be damaging to natural environments. Instead, use biodegradable bags and include a chemical toilet.