Autumn on the Hudson River Trail

The transition from summer to winter is a very welcome one, although not always pleasant. Autumn is a great time to visit New York City as the leaves change to a darker shade of orange, but the weather can still be warm at night. The Hudson River Trail is a great way to see the natural beauty of the city during the fall.

The trail is located in the Parks and Gardens department under the Port Department, in the east of the island. It is reached by driving south on Avenue Oostelle and turning left to Hillsdale street. Take the entrance into the park from the frontage road on the right, just before the entrance on the left.

The trail is easy to moderate with well-marked paths. You are traveling through a pine forest area with picnic tables where you can get some fresh air or indulge in a snack. The path starts an easy climb to famous 300 footer Spires towering directly on the ridge line. These are quickly approached through a exquisite lookout station where you can look out directly over the Hudson River and observe how close it comes to being a white water rafting site.

It is best to come early in the morning, before the park entrance fully closes at 4:00 PM, to avoid missing the NY fee station. After paying the entrance fee, which is $9.00 per car, you’ll be required to follow the rules and regulations according to the ranger.

And what if you’re not an experienced rafter? Still eager to get started? Then grab your coat and get your boots on…

When you first start out, the tour guide will provide you with a map and ask you to select a direction. You will be taken at a brisk pace through the wooded trails and to the viewing area atop the spires. The viewing area is actually a wooden platform where the tours take place.

Most of the tour is guided and you will see the trails and the scenic views in a different light as you learn how to navigate through the forest with the help of the guide. But don’t worry, the guide is a hard-working raccoon! You will enjoy his enthusiasm, his enthusiasm, and his knowledge in showing you the forest in all its natural beauty.

During your walk, you will also see native wildlife and several species of rare trees such as madhuca (admiral’s bane), trillium, and violets.

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After joining the Yahoo travel club, you can choose where to go next, either on foot or on bike. The trail Gondola, which is used like a tram, will take you up the mountain over 740 feet. That’s long enough to get the breathtaking views of the Hudson River and the Empire State Building.

Another option is the Mountain Loop Gondola which has the steepest incline. It will take you through the woods and cut through some of the most distorted scenery you will ever see. The view from this gondola is astonishing, having both land and sea views.

If you would rather go by road, you can drive to James Madison Park and park near the Hudson River aimed at bikers. Once there you can turn left and cycle the beauty that awaits you all the way to the Jefferson Plaza and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

No matter how you choose to move around and explore the city, when you come to New York, whether alone or with the family, the sights of the Empire State Building will always be a highlight. But perhaps the most important reason why you should come to New York is its variety of cultures and its preservation of its diverse landmarks and old charm.

The building that you see in the photographs of the directory is the Empire State Building. This building has reminded me of a scene in the movie The Shining where the Overlook Hotel in horror, takes place. I must say that the building is unforgettable in its Rustic Hell style and many people come to see it.

Last but not least, what about the memory of the unforgettable Rocky Mountains cruising along the Southern New England States including Maine. Well, Rocky Mountain scene is from Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. You can spend a week or a weekend exploring this theme park including its Glacier National Park.