A new Science-Art solution to the global information and communication epidemic

The growth and development of the ethical evolution of the human condition is extremely complex. The task of advancing human evolution involves acknowledging past scientific mistakes and acting accordingly. Modern science has classified itself as an incurable carcinogenic state leading to some extinction and this is unethical. Ancient Greek science, on the other hand, knew the extinction of life forms from fossil evidence and invented atomic science, specifically so that civilization would not become extinct. In the 3rd century BC, Plato’s Academy called it Science for ethical purposes. At the Epicurean University, the first atomic ethical logic applied to the motion of the moon influencing the female cycle in resonance with the atoms associated with female fertility. This resonance was held to explain a mother’s love and compassion for children and belonged to the Science of Universal Love. His teachers were called Saviors, saving civilization from the destructive properties of unfounded matter from the chaos emerging from the atom, as envisioned by Plato and Philo.

The search for the logic of the first principle, in particular as regards the real nature of cancer-causing growth and development, is of paramount importance. In these circumstances, the recognition of scientific errors requires a rigorous review of ancient science itself. While the associated intuitive religious beliefs are highly relevant, it may be considered degrading to leave them tied in unfathomable knots rather than to gain a more astute understanding of our commitment to them.
The scientific geniuses representing the secular scientific thought, linked to the destructive property of the unfounded matter (nuclear detonation) emerging from inside the atom to destroy civilization, existed. They included Plato; the father of ethical scientific research in the Western world, Philo; who linked Greek science to Hebrew culture, and Al-Haytham; the Islamic father of optics. Isaac Newton, a devout Christian, published that the logic of the first ancient Greek cause correctly explained gravitational force. He argued that it was a pretentious error to hold that the mass of objects in space caused gravity (see Newton 28th Query Discussions). Plato, Philo, and Al-Haytham stated that by developing science based on the concept of any knowledge derived from the senses, especially from vision, the destructive property of unfounded matter would emerge from within the atom to destroy civilization.

General religious reluctance to address these fundamental deep scientific errors prevents information and communication research from advancing human civilization in an ethical and non-cancerous direction. The consequence of this is the global epidemic, concerning the contagious effects of dysfunctional scientific communication and information.
It is increasingly known that American medical epidemiologists, appointed by the Government of the United States of America to protect the health and well-being of communities, have identified a global dysfunctional 3D-type virus. The researchers published which is an epidemic of emotional control, transmitted through the mass production of information and communication devices. They recognized that the best way to fulfill their epidemiological responsibilities is to try to mitigate the damage caused by the virus-like epidemic.
The current global information tension and communication epidemic 3D echoes the form of mathematical intent programmed in poker machines to cause bankruptcy so continuously played. Scientists are now struggling with a heroin addiction, which leads to moral and financial bankruptcy, and have become obsessively committed to continually playing the global profit game, which is their proud badge of dysfunctional excellence. This unfortunate situation can be corrected if their brilliant research is in synergy with the new logic of living information.

The inability of scientists to program a computer to generate appropriate human survival simulations to solve real evolutionary problems is particularly frustrating. In 1979, the most award-winning Chinese scientist, Hun Huang, trained in Scotland, provided Australian cancer researchers with the methodology to program a computer to generate 50 million years of healthy shell evolution across space-time. Classical mathematics, lacking first-principle logic, could only generate distorted or carcinogenic futuristic simulations. The use of primary mathematics to generate optimal growth and development representing the existence of a vital force has been proven. The simulations corresponded exactly to the growth and development of a fossilized mathematical shell. Similarly, the fossil record of the bone evolution of humanoid sphenoids exists to allow an identical methodology to obtain a human survival plan rather than a plan in marine hell. Even if we remain locked in the current extinction mentality, such evidence would save us valuable time to harmonize mechanistic science with living scientific logic. Therefore, providing antidote knowledge about the current dysfunctional 3D epidemic, is a crucial problem.
The Australian team’s discovery was published by the Italian scientific journal Il Nuovo Cimento. In 1990, the IEEE, the world’s largest technological research institute, reprinted it as an important discovery, alongside names such as Louis Pasteur and Sir Francis Crick. The existing carcinogenic state of mind condemns all life to extinction instead of allowing it to evolve to infinity. Therefore, it follows that an incomplete examination of our science, to locate the crucial laws of principle governing the human evolution of living information and communication, is warranted.

At present, politicians can only react to the reality of problems by acting on their emotional reactions to the scientific advice given to them based on the dysfunctional epidemic of communication and information in 3D. Scientists, technologists, and politicians are currently emotionally denied the willingness to capture relevant human survival data in a computer program to generate realistic solutions. The scientist, Kun Huang, fully realized this situation when he provided Australian researchers with the methodology to obtain alternative reasoning to contribute to a balanced state of a scientific mind.

We know from the Manhattan Project data that the ancient geometric logic was clever enough to assume the existence of destructive nuclear chaos. A moral argument existed before Nazi Germany. However, no one thought of creating the omni-technology obviously associated with the ancient ethical science of human survival. The logical reasoning of the time meant that the scientific information and communication needed to win the Second World War had to cause more entropic chaos than that of the enemy. As a result, global information and communication technologies represent an irresponsible and short-sighted corporate profit in the form of a dysfunctional global epidemic.
Da Vinci, Descartes, Sir Francic Bacon and Einstein were certainly happy to give the human vision a major role in the evolution of the understanding of the reality of science and this became the basis of a mechanistic science devoid of living principle logic first. When the sperm and egg come together to create human life, the eye does not exist and therefore cannot be the seat of all knowledge. Therefore, modern science, ignoring this fact, has separated itself from reasoning on the first crucial principle of information associated with the evolutionary act of conception.

A high-resolution image of the geometric shape of the human cell about to divide exists, showing that it is an infinite fractal expression of reality. Its geometric electromagnetic shape does not allow to transmit the current epidemic of 3D information to the new cell. This technological rejection obviously contains antidote information relating to the dominant mechanistic epidemic bought by the influx of dysfunctional means of communication and information. Epidemiologists are becoming aware that the transfer of living information during cell division does not follow our current understanding of information and communication.
The philosopher of ethical science, Immanuel Kant, who laid the foundations of the electromagnetic golden age of Danish science, considered that the first principle logic for ethical evolution was an inner vision “asymmetrical electromagnetic” in the creative artistic spirit. As a deeply religious person, he called him God’s ethical goal for perpetual peace on earth. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, intuitive religious beliefs are relevant and it may be considered degrading to leave them bound in unfathomable knots. Kant’s internal asymmetrical electromagnetic vision glasses were born in 2003, which allowed us to make Salvado Dali’s intuitive stereoscopic evolutionary artistic theories visible to the general public for the first time.

Recent quantum-biology cancer research has suggested that health information flows in the opposite direction to the potential of hereditary disorder, with which it is ostensibly intertwined in order to develop global awareness. In his book Utopia or Opelphon, Baxmanster Foller assumed that the integration of mechanical science with the humanities would be achieved through a new artistic perspective of human survival. Using asymmetric electromagnetic 3D glasses to display copies of paintings over the centuries, it can be noted that during the 21st century artists began drawing very interesting 3D images in their work. This intuitive, evolutionary capability, which occurs naturally, contrasts with the 3D artificial epidemic, which is spread by the mass production of dysfunctional communications and information devices. The flow of Kantian ethical, healthy information flowing in the opposite direction to a faulty virus is a mirror image of it. This relates to nineteenth-century linguistic-color-perception theories of Prime Minister William Gladstone and the philosopher of science, and Wolfgang von Goethe during the grand Darwinist debate.
The architect and coordinator of the Cage-Kwantom International Art Group, Roberto Dente, together with award-winning quantitative biologists, helped to incorporate Australian scientific-technical discoveries into the Italian Renaissance ecology concept of the 21st century. Many international journals recorded the birth date of this Renaissance as September 24, 2010, when Dente’s colleagues, Professor Massimo Brignolato and Professor Paolo Manzelli, received the Giorgio Napolitano Medal on behalf of the Republic of Italy, for their research discoveries in quantum biology.

In 2012, the world’s Guy Dowicher book of the year, through language glass, raised the nineteenth-century theorem of linguistic color recognition into new advanced neuroscience. The work has been in harmony with the first major cancer research theories in Australian linguistic color research, and this work has reverberated with research by Roberto Dante and his colleagues. There was a unique coincidence. In 1988, the science writer for the Australian Medical Observer, Dr. Calvin Miller, wrote a prestigious article for this landmark newspaper, based on his investigation of the early logical theories of the Australian principle. They expected to become the basis of a new era of renaissance. Roberto Deente and his technical colleagues have articulated the theories of the scientific-artistic renaissance of the twenty-first century clearly in the new neural language. It is now possible to note that they were unconsciously taking in vitally vital 3D images, which are now linked to locating an antidote to the 3D scientific-art synthetic pandemic.

Massimo Brignolato is one of the world’s most acquired medical chemist. His research association with Roberto Dente has been registered on the Internet and is surrounded by colorful medical paintings and paintings. When viewed through asymmetric electromagnetic 3D glasses, they depict a living representation of Lamanuel’s inner artistic vision and Emmanuel Levinas’s future moral reality. In quantitative Biology research, this internal perception information flows in the opposite direction to 3D information/communications epidemic that brings heroin – such as the illusion of inner vision and associated addiction in anticipation of financial gain, similar to a poker-style machine.
The unconscious evolutionary development of the naturally occurring internal stereoscopic vision is clear evidence of Salvador Dali’s overwhelming intuition that his work of art includes a striped message of advanced future science. Dali’s intuition dismissed as “I think so I am” the first principle of Sigmund Freud’s “joy of life” mathematical truth in favor of the logic of the first principle. For those who want to create children and love them, Freud’s first principle can be read well, “We want and think, so we will do”.
The Bregnolato and Dante Declaration, the content of adhering to the Renaissance in the twenty-first century, resulted in the establishment of two major Art Quantum world exhibitions, in which internationally recognized artists participated. The first exhibition will be held at the Silber Gallery in Rome from March 31 to April 06, 2016, and the second in the famous Russian Central Palace Art Book, Moscow, from April 22 to 28, 2016, as announced in the spring edition of the Russian Art Week – the Italian Kwantom Collection. Some of the artworks
on the exhibit are also represented by the largest trade art exhibition in the world, Park West Gallery in Michigan, USA.
Roberto Dante summarized the crucial importance of these precursors to a new world of the Renaissance in the twenty-first century: “the technical quantity is an introduction to cognitive change to seek new inspiration, new reference models based on overcoming the old limits of mechanical ideas, and thus creating a proactive and innovative work of “science and technology imagination, the power, and realistically able to encourage more meaningful and evolving interpretations of life.”