5 reasons why some people prefer cats instead of dogs

Dogs bark in people who pass, other animals and when you can’t get her favorite game under the bunk. Whatever the reason, the constant bark may be annoying even for the most passionate dog lovers.
On the other hand, cats also make special noise at night, when most cats are active. However, the Koreans and the spinach can be relatively quiet. These voices are not only kind of kind, but may actually mean something, which Cat owners have learned to recognize. The more the Cat’s pits are, the more they can tell whether they are starving or willing to be pampering.

Caring for cats involves less work

Whether pet owners have a puppy or a box they need to devote time and energy when bringing it to it. They need to help him adapt to his new home and to a different diet as well as doing some introductory training, which may cause some sleep deprivation in the first weeks with a new doll or puppy.
However, puppies need to go through continuous training (especially when it comes to coach Poti) while kitesher, when crying out of their mothers, can easily learn the basics of moving favorites box use and can be left unsupervised during the day.
To exercise extra caution, it is best to leave a room where you will not have trouble while the owner is away. At least it/she can be sure that a safe kitten is because it is confined to a small place, where it will not be able to destroy anything.

Guard cats of pests

Cats are hunters by nature so it is in their blood to chase, chase and attack its prey even if it was just on TV. Cat owners should not allow their pet to catch them, whether it’s a mouse or an insect, but it always makes them happy to have a pest-free home, one of the many advantages of having pet dowry. Moreover, the scent of cats could prevent rodents from invading their homes because, when a fisherman misses at home, they would be less likely to go forward.

Cats are Clean

Dogs love unpleasant things like pop, trash, dead animals, to name a few, and love to wrap their body on them. That is why dog owners need to shower and fan their pets on a regular basis, which can cost a lot whenever they come to the care machine.
In essence, the cats clean themselves. Cat owners can organize their pet every now and then use a brush and fingernail as needed, not because cats can keep it clean all the time.

Cats Respect the Personal Space of Humans

When people come home after a tiring day, they may not feel like playing with a dog that continues to follow them wherever they go and insist on playing a bushy game. Cats are sometimes known to be cold and distant, but they know and respect the meaning of personal space. They do not seek the attention of people around them, so their human families can find time to relax after work.